About Us


An experienced team across multiple industries to ensure we get the job done.


Our staff are trained across all aspects of sales, service and repairs to ensure our clients expectations are met.

Local Service

Located in Robina, we have a wide reach servicing South East QLD and beyond.

Industry Recognised

We have been a member of the Institute of Diesel a& Gas Turbine Engineers since 1984.

Our Serivces

We testing and maintaining emergency diesel generators and diesel electric fire pumps. With over 35 years experience in power generation and critical systems managment we have the experience and resources to provide the best service.

Our technicians and engineering associates are very resourceful, having worked throughout Africa, Arabia, the Caribbean, Europe, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and even Antarctica. Our service is hard to match and rival.

Why Robina Generators?

  •  We maintain emergency diesel generators and fire pumps at hospitals, medical centres and fire & ambulance stations throughout South East Queensland and Northern NSW. We also maintain emergency diesel generators and fire pumps at retail outlets & shopping malls on the Gold Coast. Our portfolio includes hotels, highrise apartments, offices, bakeries, media including newspapers, radio and television.
  • Testing of generators is carried out using our 500 kW portable resistive load bank.  This size of load bank is sufficient to test most generators up to 1MW as generators should be tested to minimun 30% of rated output to eliviate ‘wet stacking’ and other detrimental conditions associated with light loading. We can also provide additionl load banks if required. Our engineers can offer advice on power requirements, energy managment including power factor correction, combined heat & power (CHP) and any thing to improve reliability and efficiency.
  • System upgrades and improvements including replacement generator & fire pump control, automatic mains failure (AMF) controls, engine and alternator protection devices. Switchboard upgrade includes replacing standard changeover contactors to more reliable Asco auto transfer switches.
  • We supply and install uninteruptable power supplies including surge protection.
  • We are equipped to carry out on site refuelling and bulk fuel storage maintenance which includes dewatering & polishing using advanced filtration. Filtering the fuel through a centrifugal separator can recover and protest diesel fuel against the problems associated with long term storage. Fuel sampling and independent laboratory testing can also be carried out.  All fuel supplied by us is pre filtered and treated with algaecide and water dispersant to prolong its useable life and protect the engine.

What we do

  • Generators & Fire Pumps
  • Resistive Load Bank
  • Electrical Installation
  • UPS & Power Protection
  • Fuel Management